Seniors & High Protein Diets

We hear a lot of times about owners who want to reduce their dogs protein intake because they’re aging. We do our best to change the mind, and sometimes it works. Here is a great article as to WHY you don’t need to reduce the protein amount in senior dogs.

It’s also a great article on why feeding prescription diet foods isn’t the best option for your pet. There are many less expensive, healthier options to provide the high quality meats & ingredients your pet needs, no matter the issue! If you’re wondering what we could replace your dogs prescription diet with, come talk to us!

Take a look at the fantastic article here, at Dogs Naturally,

From the article: “Now, it’s been well over a decade and I’ve run a successful holistic practice without using any prescription diets. We manage or cure disease with fresh, healthy species-appropriate diets.”

Our high protein diets include Orijen, EVO, Primal & Stella & Chewy’s!

Fromm is a complete line of dog foods for us. From the entry level Classic to the 4-star grain free line, we can any cover any need you will have for your dogs. Classic 33lb bag is just $39.95, and comes with a buyer program as well.




Stop in today! We’ll be glad to discuss the line with you.

Is your cat in pain?

Take a look and read about what to watch for with your cat! They’re masters of hiding it. We’ll try to help you keep an eye out…

Apple Cider Vinegar & Your Dog!

I’ve been drinking ACV almost daily for about a year or so. While the taste is different, and takes some getting used to, you get used to it. For your dog(s), you can apply it via drinking water or topically!

Check out this fantastic article on ACV for dogs:

We’re stocking ACV starting in December to use as a hot spot & allergy tool.