Seniors & High Protein Diets

We hear a lot of times about owners who want to reduce their dogs protein intake because they’re aging. We do our best to change the mind, and sometimes it works. Here is a great article as to WHY you don’t need to reduce the protein amount in senior dogs.

It’s also a great article on why feeding prescription diet foods isn’t the best option for your pet. There are many less expensive, healthier options to provide the high quality meats & ingredients your pet needs, no matter the issue! If you’re wondering what we could replace your dogs prescription diet with, come talk to us!

Take a look at the fantastic article here, at Dogs Naturally,

From the article: “Now, it’s been well over a decade and I’ve run a successful holistic practice without using any prescription diets. We manage or cure disease with fresh, healthy species-appropriate diets.”

Our high protein diets include Orijen, EVO, Primal & Stella & Chewy’s!

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