Ever Wonder WHERE Your Donated Money Goes?

Take a look at this graph, and check the link… http://www.humanewatch.org/how_little_does_hsus_give_to_shelters_in_your_state/

Notice how many states are 0%? Luckily, NC shelters get SOME. But, instead of donating your money to the HSUS, try donating it locally!!! Directly to a group of your choice. Our two favorites are Foothills Humane Society & Lennies Kids. 

If you’re not familiar with what Lenny Does, you can read up about it here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lennies-Kids/109446469129736?sk=info

And, our partner in finding homes for cats & dogs, Foothills Humane Society is always very appreciative of any donation… http://www.foothillshumanesociety.org – you may have seen some of their animals in our store, and those we foster-to-adopt. Luna is a FHS kid!

You can also donated to Steps To Hope & The Sheriff’s Office in Columbus.

Shop Local. Play Local. Donate Local.

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