Is Your House A Dog Gas Zone?

Dealing with gas in dogs can be difficult, and, smelly. There are options for you though. It all starts with the diet, as mentioned in this article.. “Garbage in, garbage out” – Raw fed dogs are less likely to have gas issues.

Species appropriate diets play a big part in it as well. Even a good dry food can still cause problems, as their bodies aren’t use to grains, legumes & other ingredients.

Here’s some tips:

  • Peppermint – smash or tear up a couple of leaves of this herb into their food or pour the tea over food.
  • Ginger – it’s pretty intense stuff so is best given it in capsule form. It’s good for motion sickness too.
  • Seacure – I don’t usually recommend brand names, but this form of predigested protein can be helpful for dogs with IBD, IBS, or malabsorbtion and digestive issues.
  • Nux Vomica – this is a homeopathic remedy and should be given away from food.
  • Digestive Enzymes – these help to break down undigested food.
  • Probiotics – which are the flora found in the digestive system. These bacterial “good guys” help knock out the “bad guys”. Look for the non-dairy, no-yeast variety.
  • Charcoal – given in capsule form is useful if your dog has gotten into something really nasty as charcoal will help bind with the substance and escort it from the body (give charcoal away from food).
  • Massage – relax your dog onto his back and gently massage the midline of the stomach, and yes, it probably does help to speak calmly and tell him what a poor stinky baby he is!

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