Coming Soon: Zignature Cans

Zignature is coming out with a canned diet, in 5 flavors, to match their dry foods. As soon as they are available we will have them in!

Perfect for topping the Zignature food, or feeding solo for your dog.

Ever heard of Zignature? Take our poll & let us know!!


We’re working on some COOL events..

We’re working on putting together some awesome events at the store & through the store for our wonderful customers. One thing we’re looking at is doing some sort of a Fall Festival, which will serve as an open house, of sorts. We’ll have lots of vendors on hand as well as special groups!

The work for it begins now, so keep an eye out for information regarding the events! We’re excited to bring these events. We think everyone will greatly benefit from them!

Remember: Lilly’s Can Kill Cats

These flowers are beautiful, but dangerous to your feline friends. Please help spread the word this spring, and share w/ your friends & family.


Also, check out some other flowers/plants that are dangerous to dogs & cats,

Stay Tuned on Monday!

Monday we’ll be posting information & photos of all our awesome finds at the trade show this past week! It’ll be a photo filled post to give you a recap of everything!

Here’s a few samples of things we found!
Nutrisource Grain Free cat foods!112 This great looking end table/crate & matching gates. These will be in the store displayed starting Monday.111
More formula’s of Pet Kelp, which is awesome if you’re needing to balance out a raw diet like Primal Grind or Primal Mix meats. Ask for more information on the raw diets.

Check One Item Off

One thing we’ve been looking for is an affordable First Ait kit for dogs. Well, we’ve found at least 1, possibly 2 options here at Global Pet this week. We’ll have these coming in around Mid-April!

You can add things to it (holistic style, your favorite items, etc) if you’d like as well.0091

We’re here in Orland, FL

We’re here for the largest trade show of the year. We’ll be posting photos of products here over the next three days. Give us your feedback and thoughts if you see something you like/want or are looking for!

We’ve got 3 days to check out almost 1000 vendors!