Bella’s 30 day Goat Milk diet..

If you’ve seen our newest addition, Bella, in the store in the last few months, you’ve seen how “slender” she is. After having tried everything but blood work, we’re going to begin a 30 Day Milk Fast, all she will eat/ingest is Answers Raw Goats Milk, for 30 days. She’s going to be getting approximately 45-50oz a day, based on her size and activity level.

After speaking with Jacquelyn from Answers in depth on Monday and Tuesday, we’re thinking she isn’t processing the nutrients in the food she’s been eating (all raw or freeze dried) the last few months. The thought is to break through the Biofilm coating in her stomach, and allow her body to begin processing nutrients for growth.

Read more about Biofilm here:

Some details of the diet: Nothing, NOTHING, but Goats Milk for 30 days. No treats! No antlers! No bully sticks. No cow hooves (her favorite while at the store!) Nothing but Goats Milk.

We’ll be documenting the process and sending photos to Answers for future references. Hopefully when this is done her coat will become sleek & soft like a raw fed dog should. Maybe she’ll also grow into those paws!

If you’re interested in following along, we’ll post all updates here, under the tag “Bella’s Goat Milk Fast”

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