November $7 Nail Trim

Our next nail trim will be Saturday, November 15th – from 11am – 1pm.
As always, please bring $7 with you to pay Barbara. Dogs on a leash. Cats in a carrier as well please. If you have a fearful dog, after 12pm may be the best time. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone.

As of today, we will not have a Friday nail trim in the month of November.

Also, you’ll be seeing invitations & information related to our 3  year anniversary PAWTY that will be going on December 6th, from 10-6pm. We just lined up a caricature artist who will be on hand from 10am – 12pm as well. The drawings are free, but donations are welcomed and will be given to Foothills Humane Society – which will be on hand with staff & animals for adoption! 🙂

$7 Nail Trim

Our next $7 nail trim is coming up, Friday October 17th from 4-5pm.

Please bring $7 to pay for the trim. Dogs on a leash, cats in a carrier.
If you’d like to bring cats, please come closer to 5pm when there aren’t as many dogs.