Toonce Made It To Colorado!

I got back late last night from my day long trip to Colorado. Toonce did a great job,
starting from the night before at our house. He took over like he owned the place,
made a new friend in our dog Bailey & slept fine on the couch.
117toonce 118toonce 119toonce

We left the house at 6:30am headed for GSP. After a stop for some coffee & water,
we were at the gate ready to board. I must say, he did much better than I expected
him to do. Not a lot of noise, some playful swats through the fabric, but that was all.
113toonce 114toonce

He also did great on the plane as well. In Atlanta we had
some turkey from a turkey wrap, which seemed to be
exactly what he wanted. He slept for most of the trip to Denver.
111toonceUpon arrival, his new Mom was THRILLED to finally meet him.

115toonceWe wish him the best of luck in his new, furever home.

2 thoughts on “Toonce Made It To Colorado!

  1. Pam Penttinen says:

    Do you sell Nature’s Logic Dog food? The website listed your store as one that sells it but I don’t see it on your list.

    • Purrrfect Bark says:

      We just brought in their brand of foods & raw foods. The raw will be in next week. We do have NL dry at our place on Hwy 9, slowly moving it over here as well. Which formula and size are you looking for?

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