Farm-to-Bowl is now possible

Thanks to Open Farm dog food, which will be available this Friday –

Finally, there’s a Farm-to-Bowl option you can feel confident about. Open Farm meat and poultry is 100% certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program.

What is HFACP?
Humane farm animal care (HFAC) is a nonprofit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production. The goal of the program is to drive consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farming practices. HFAC standards were developed by a highly respected committee of 36 animal scientists and veterinarians from The US, Canada, Europe and South America. Compliance with these standards is monitored and enforced through regular audits and inspections that are conducted by third-party scientists and veterinarians who are experts in their field.

If animal welfare is of concern, you’ve found your new food!

Samples are available now, the food hit’s our shelves Friday, March 27th!

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Begin your defense on Fleas & Ticks today!

Prohibition sign for fleas and ticks on
Don’t be the one who waited until the fleas & ticks were a problem! Begin defending against them today! It’s easier to put up a defense now than to wait until it’s too late and they’ve taken over!

For starters you can unleash some Nematodes onto your yard. What are those?
What Are Beneficial Nematodes and How Do They Work?
Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. Inside the nematode’s gut is the real weapon — symbiotic bacteria that when released inside an insect kill it within 24 to 48 hours. The nematodes enter the larvae via the mouth, anus, respiratory openings, or directly through the body wall of the pest. The nematodes then eject their symbiotic bacteria inside the pest’s body. The bacteria multiply and cause blood poisoning of the pest, leading to death. The bacteria also convert host tissue into nutritive products, which can easily be taken up by nematodes. Inside the dead insect, the nematodes feed and multiply. As the food resources within the dead pest become scarce, the nematodes will exit the dead insect and immediately start searching for a new host.

For year round protection we’re big believers of the Earth Animal Flea & Tick powder. It’s an internal powder that changes the PH of the animals blood, so that biting flies, fleas, ticks, etc aren’t attracted to the pets blood. Therefore, they’re not aggravating towards the animal. Ticks will often times come right out w/ out a fight, and Fleas typically will find a new (non-treated) host to irritate.

The Earth Animal powder combined with the herbal flea & tick drops, doubles up the power of the products.

Last year we ran out during the hot summer months, and this year, we’v stocked up so NO ONE will go with out – including ourselves. We’re firm believers in this line, as we’ve seen the results ourselves.

For your house, consider keeping some diatomaceous earth around to put on the carpets if you encounter a problem. Wash your dog beds weekly. Replace outside area’s cedar bedding as often as needed.

The F&T powder costs $20 and is a cheaper, healthier way of going about prevention than Frontline, Advantix, etc – Even at the best prices, that will cost you $12-15 per dog, per month. The powder will surpass those – because of the low amounts required to feed each month.

Questions? We’re here to help!
If you do get a Flea & Tick problem, we’ve got solutions for cleaning up the problem as well!

But remember, prevention makes it easier to handle throughout the summer. Wouldn’t you rather be spending time with friends, families and your 4-legged friends without fleas?

Come see us today!

Purrrfect Bark has gone to the Goats!

Thanks to Brittani & Billie for bringing in their pet goats for this photo!
Orijen released a new unique protein food in late February, the Goat based Tundra is here!

Availability is limited, and we’re honored to be one of Three stores in WNC to carry it (West of Charlotte, I think).

We’ve got samples while they last!

Orijen Tundra dog food - with special local stars!

Orijen Tundra dog food – with special local stars!

New Food at Purrrfect Bark

We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought in a new line of food to our mix: Carna4 air dried food!
Perfect for those big dogs who you want to do raw for, but just can’t afford. Caran4 is synthetic-free and feeds VERY well. Which helps feed those big dogs!

There are two flavors, Duck & Chicken, which will be available middle of the week next week.

Carna4 Air Dried Food

Carna4 Air Dried Food

Paws & Coffee Party TOMORROW!

We’re hosting a Paws & Coffee party tomorrow morning at 9am – 10am.
Please join us, pets invited if you’d like, on a leash please!

Non-Service Dogs In Public

Service dogs serve a huge purpose to their owner. They provide care, assistance & friendship to those in need from a wide variety of things. Some of which you can’t see from afar, but some you can.

Lately, there has been an increase in people lying and saying their regular pet is a Service Animal – so they can bring them in places that dogs are not allowed. This is wrong. This is selfish.

It takes away the training and hard-work that those dogs go through for their owner.

There is an etiquette involved with Service Dogs as well.
“Most owners expect their service dogs to be treated as a medical device while in public. The health and safety of the owner may depend on the dog’s ability to focus and resist distraction. Many service dogs are trained to avoid distraction when wearing their gear, but relax and are friendly when the gear is removed. An owner will expect to be asked for permission before another individual interacts with the dog.[8] It is advised not to pet a service dog unless having asked the owner permission. Distracting a service dog is considered disruptive.”

I have seen people who “show off” their dog in public places, such as a restaurant – this is not the actions of a true service dog. They’re not there to be petted, touched, played with. They are there to serve a purpose to their owner.



We want them to LIVE longer!

This photo speaks a huge truth. We want our pets to LIVE longer, not DIE longer. It all starts with the diet your dog or cat is eating. Biologically appropriate feeding is vital to a healthy, long-life for your 4 legged friend(s).

Come in today and we’ll show you the best biologically appropriate food(s) for your pets!

Come talk to us! We'll help you feed your pet like you should!

Come talk to us! We’ll help you feed your pet like you should!