Non-Service Dogs In Public

Service dogs serve a huge purpose to their owner. They provide care, assistance & friendship to those in need from a wide variety of things. Some of which you can’t see from afar, but some you can.

Lately, there has been an increase in people lying and saying their regular pet is a Service Animal – so they can bring them in places that dogs are not allowed. This is wrong. This is selfish.

It takes away the training and hard-work that those dogs go through for their owner.

There is an etiquette involved with Service Dogs as well.
“Most owners expect their service dogs to be treated as a medical device while in public. The health and safety of the owner may depend on the dog’s ability to focus and resist distraction. Many service dogs are trained to avoid distraction when wearing their gear, but relax and are friendly when the gear is removed. An owner will expect to be asked for permission before another individual interacts with the dog.[8] It is advised not to pet a service dog unless having asked the owner permission. Distracting a service dog is considered disruptive.”

I have seen people who “show off” their dog in public places, such as a restaurant – this is not the actions of a true service dog. They’re not there to be petted, touched, played with. They are there to serve a purpose to their owner.



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