Farm-to-Bowl is now possible

Thanks to Open Farm dog food, which will be available this Friday –

Finally, there’s a Farm-to-Bowl option you can feel confident about. Open Farm meat and poultry is 100% certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program.

What is HFACP?
Humane farm animal care (HFAC) is a nonprofit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production. The goal of the program is to drive consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farming practices. HFAC standards were developed by a highly respected committee of 36 animal scientists and veterinarians from The US, Canada, Europe and South America. Compliance with these standards is monitored and enforced through regular audits and inspections that are conducted by third-party scientists and veterinarians who are experts in their field.

If animal welfare is of concern, you’ve found your new food!

Samples are available now, the food hit’s our shelves Friday, March 27th!

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