Protecting Wild Birds From Cats

Cats can kill up to 100,000,000 birds in the US alone each year.

However, we’re excited to be the first in the Southeast to carry theBirdsbesafe cat collar & collar cover. Scientifically proven to keep birds safe from your bird-hunting cat!

Birdsbesafe’s bright colors simply, but effectively, give most birds enough time to notice the cat and fly away.

Songbirds, a group of birds that include most of the birds that cats can catch, see bright color especially well due to their eye anatomy. Specifically, songbirds see bright colors as extremely bright due to having a fourth “cone” and they see well in low light conditions, like as dawn, due to having more “rods” in their eyes.

When a cat wear a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover, the bright colors make the cat more obvious, easily and immediately seen by the bird. The bird perceives the cat as a predator and flies away immediately.

You can get just the collar cover for $9.95 or you can get the collar & cover combo for $16.95

Watch the video here:
FridaJillc_larges FridaMochaJilC_large

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