It’s time to sign up!

The deadline to sign up for the Answers Raw Challenge is coming up! The contest starts August 1st, but we can take new people through August 7th. We are excited about this opportunity to give our customers!

The basic details are this: Dogs that have been on a kibble diet are eligible to enter. You will take a short video at the end of August to talk about the difference you’ve seen in raw feeding, etc. You’ll then upload that video to YouTube (we can help if needed) and you’ll be entered to win the $2000 grand prize, which works out to be a free years worth of Answers!

During the month of August, all of the Answers Raw Products will be 25% off! That’s 25% off the milk, the meats & the Fish Stock! Because we’re such big supporters of Answers Raw, we’re also now allowed to offer the Buy 10 Get 1 Free program on the foods & milk!

We hope you’ll join us in this challenge!

Why Milk Thistle for your Pets?

If your dog is coming in contact w/ any of these items below, and you’re not feeding them Milk Thistle, you should be! Especially those who are on Trifexis, etc and those types of Flea & Tick meds that are loaded with Chemicals.

Do yourself a favor, and the pets, pick up some Milk Thistle next time you’re in!

Flush it out!

Flush it out!

Answers Raw Food Challenge Information

You can sign up in store, or via email,

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Hey Friends…


As you know, those of us at Purrrfect Bark have long been talking about the benefits of Raw food for your pets.   With August 30 being National Holistic Pet Day, we thought that we would give everyone who hasn’t tried Raw the opportunity to participate in a National 30-Day Raw Food Challenge.  As some of you know, Answers is our preferred brand of Raw Food – for many reasons. By participating in this challenge, you will be able to buy Answers Raw pet food at a discount of 25% for the entire month of August!!! Any Answers products purchased will be 25% off (Food, Goats Milk, Fish Stock) during the Challenge.


That is not the only benefit of taking the challenge.  Your pet will enjoy the many benefits of eating raw food including proper hydration, healthier urinary tract, bladder, kidneys and on the path to a healthy waistline.


Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, you’ll get all the support you need.  I’ve got you access to the official National 30 Day Challenge Facebook group where all your questions will be answered.


At the end of the Challenge, you will have an opportunity to win a FREE, 1-year’s supply of Answers Raw Pet Food.  That is up to a $2000 value!!!  All you have to do is submit a video about how Raw Food benefited your pet during the challenge.  We will help you upload the video if needed.
Many of you notice the sleek, soft coat that Luna has. A major part of this is the raw diet that she’s on, specifically designed for cats. High meat content, high organ content & ground bones. No veggies. No fruits.


Feel free to ask any questions


Stop in today to sign up for the Challenge and get all the rest of the details!

See you soon.


Purrrfect Bark Team & Luna

$7 Nail Trims : July

Friday, July 17th from 4-5pm
Saturday, July 25th from 10am – 1pm

Please bring $7 cash per animal..
Please bring dogs on a leash.
Please bring cats in a carrier.

There’s no appointments needed, just show up!
See ya then!

Fromm’s Newest: Gold Grain Free

Introducing Fromm Prairie Gold, a new grain-free red meat dog food line made with beef, pork meat meal, and lamb. Similar to our original Gold recipes, Fromm Prairie Gold features blended high quality proteins to create specific life-stage/lifestyle holistic recipes.

Currently available in Adult, Puppy, Large Breed Adult, and Large Breed Puppy formulas. Learn more at

Fromm's newest line, Gold Grain Free!

Fromm’s newest line, Gold Grain Free!

Helping Pets & Those With PTSD This 4th of July…

The 4th of July is the most likely time a pet will go missing, from the sound of fireworks and the noises that go along with celebrating. There are a few tips & things you can do to help your pets with the 4th.

Make sure they have a collar & tag on. This is the fastest way to get reunited. Microchips help as well, but often times it’s late or early am before they open that a pet is found. Having both is Win-Win!

Make sure the information on the Microchip is up to date (Did you recently move? adopt the animal?) and has your current info & phone number.

For more:

Tips for the 4th of July

Tips for the 4th of July

Helping those with PTSD can be simple as well. After reading over several sites, it seems the best we can point you towards is this one: Not just for Military Members, but everyone who is living with PTSD… A little help & thoughtfulness can go along way to helping others..

Weruva Samples Starts Friday!

Starting tomorrow, we’ve got samples of Weruva canned foods – Truluxe Cat, Weruva Dog, CITK Cat & DITK Dog – buy a competing brand, get a can of Weruva free. Buying a kibble (Dog or Cat) food? Get a can of Weruva to add moisture to the diet.

For those of you who aren’t familiar w/ Weruva,  here’s a bit of info on them:
Weruva is a line of luxurious natural and grain-free pet foods. Made in a human food facility, they gathered the best ingredients from around the world to make the best food for your best friend – for life. The factory operates at international human food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC), and the pet food processing must pass BRC scrutiny.

Is your cat or dog a Kidney Issue pet? Weruva can help with that…

Here is some information about what we feel is best for cats with kidney issues:
1. High Moisture – Keep toxins diluted
2. High Quality Protein – Produce the least amount of harmful toxins
3. Low Phosphorus – Help maintain electrolyte balance
4. Low Sodium – Help maintain electrolyte balance

Read more here: More info on Kidney Issues

Truluxe is the newest line - think of high quality cuts of meats, similar to Sushi.

Truluxe is the newest line – think of high quality cuts of meats, similar to Sushi.

Weruva has 10+ flavors in 3 sizes (not all flavors have 3 sizes) and some with fish and some without. Mideast Feast is most popular for Weruva, Paw Lickin' Chicken is most popular for Purrrfect Bark.

Weruva has 10+ flavors in 3 sizes (not all flavors have 3 sizes) and some with fish and some without.
Mideast Feast is most popular for Weruva, Paw Lickin’ Chicken is most popular for Purrrfect Bark.

CITK cans: Lots of flavors, 2 sizes of cans, 3oz & 6oz.

CITK cans: Lots of flavors, 2 sizes of cans, 3oz & 6oz.