Helping Pets & Those With PTSD This 4th of July…

The 4th of July is the most likely time a pet will go missing, from the sound of fireworks and the noises that go along with celebrating. There are a few tips & things you can do to help your pets with the 4th.

Make sure they have a collar & tag on. This is the fastest way to get reunited. Microchips help as well, but often times it’s late or early am before they open that a pet is found. Having both is Win-Win!

Make sure the information on the Microchip is up to date (Did you recently move? adopt the animal?) and has your current info & phone number.

For more:

Tips for the 4th of July

Tips for the 4th of July

Helping those with PTSD can be simple as well. After reading over several sites, it seems the best we can point you towards is this one: Not just for Military Members, but everyone who is living with PTSD… A little help & thoughtfulness can go along way to helping others..

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