Answers Raw Food Challenge Information

You can sign up in store, or via email,

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Hey Friends…


As you know, those of us at Purrrfect Bark have long been talking about the benefits of Raw food for your pets.   With August 30 being National Holistic Pet Day, we thought that we would give everyone who hasn’t tried Raw the opportunity to participate in a National 30-Day Raw Food Challenge.  As some of you know, Answers is our preferred brand of Raw Food – for many reasons. By participating in this challenge, you will be able to buy Answers Raw pet food at a discount of 25% for the entire month of August!!! Any Answers products purchased will be 25% off (Food, Goats Milk, Fish Stock) during the Challenge.


That is not the only benefit of taking the challenge.  Your pet will enjoy the many benefits of eating raw food including proper hydration, healthier urinary tract, bladder, kidneys and on the path to a healthy waistline.


Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, you’ll get all the support you need.  I’ve got you access to the official National 30 Day Challenge Facebook group where all your questions will be answered.


At the end of the Challenge, you will have an opportunity to win a FREE, 1-year’s supply of Answers Raw Pet Food.  That is up to a $2000 value!!!  All you have to do is submit a video about how Raw Food benefited your pet during the challenge.  We will help you upload the video if needed.
Many of you notice the sleek, soft coat that Luna has. A major part of this is the raw diet that she’s on, specifically designed for cats. High meat content, high organ content & ground bones. No veggies. No fruits.


Feel free to ask any questions


Stop in today to sign up for the Challenge and get all the rest of the details!

See you soon.


Purrrfect Bark Team & Luna

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