Canned Food For Trees

Starting in August, we will work with the  National Forest Foundation to make a donation each month, simply based on the amount of canned dog and cat foods we sell. Not only will your pets be healthier with a moisture based diet (or adding more to a kibble diet) – but we’ll also help replant trees across the US’ vast forest area’s.

We are pretty excited about this opportunity to give back to the beautiful landmarks of our country, simply by having healthier pets as customers!

Here’s how it will work…
Each month, we will calculate the amount of cans we sold for that month. For every 750 cans, we will plant 10 trees. Based on our estimates, this will plant roughly 300 trees a year, if not more!

You can help us, by adding wet food to your pets diet. The results are great & more trees are always great! 🙂

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