Why we’re migrating away from Facebook…

Over the last several months, Facebook has changed the formula in which our posts, events, pictures & information appear, unless you pay to “boost” each post, your page, etc. So, we’ll be moving our social media to out website, here. 

We’ll be unveiling a new design in the coming days/week, and we’re excited about it. It’s easy to subscribe to the site for updates, and we’ll be sharing lots of information over the coming months for new products & events!

We’ll still post some on Facebook, but it’s not justifiable for us to boost every post so more than 13 of you get to see it!


Antler Prices : Don’t Be Fooled

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve had some people mention the prices of our hand picked Antlers. While they are more expensive than say, Rawhide or Bully Sticks, they last A LOT longer (generally) than their counter parts in the chews department. Not to mention the health benefits of Antlers vs Rawhide.

We also wanted to point out the perceived value of Big Box Stores. We went to a Big Box Store in Hendersonville, and purchased an Antler there. The cost, $15. They sell theirs based on length, which in the end, costs you a lot more money. It greatly lowers your value for your money (based on weight).

We sell ALL of our antlers by the ounce. Whole antlers & splits. Tiny ones, and Jumbo ones. The largest antler we’ve sold was over 2lbs. It wasn’t as long as you’d think, but it was dense. Very heavy. Which is where your value comes into play.

This antler, as you can see in the photo, weighed 2.4oz’s. That brings your cost to $6.25 (roughly) per OZ. Our prices are hopefully set for awhile, at $2.85/oz. That’s almost 2.5x our price. Based on our price for whole antlers, you’d pay $6.41 for this antler. You could buy 2 of them, and still have some left over for a water & snack!

Big Box Store Antler that costs $15 for 2.4oz's.  At Purrrfect Bark, this antler would cost you $6.41

Big Box Store Antler that costs $15 for 2.4oz’s.
At Purrrfect Bark, this antler would cost you $6.41

Please, pay attention to WHAT you’re getting, and HOW much you’re paying. You’ll be surprised to know that most often, we’re (and stores like us, if you’re not from NC) cheaper with better quality products. Also, we keep our money local. We don’t send it off to corporate offices in Arizona or California. The money stays right here in NC.

We do the very best we can to bring you the best quality, from the best sources, with the small guy in mind as much as we can. Our antlers are hand picked from the West, MidWest and NorthEast. We buy from a 1 man operation & so far, we’ve had no issues with any of his antlers.

Just something for you to consider, next time you’re thinking about shopping for your pet(s). Give the little guys a chance, you’ll often times be surprised.