$7 Nail Trim

Our next $7 nail trim is coming up, Friday October 17th from 4-5pm.

Please bring $7 to pay for the trim. Dogs on a leash, cats in a carrier.
If you’d like to bring cats, please come closer to 5pm when there aren’t as many dogs.


Why we’re migrating away from Facebook…

Over the last several months, Facebook has changed the formula in which our posts, events, pictures & information appear, unless you pay to “boost” each post, your page, etc. So, we’ll be moving our social media to out website, here. 

We’ll be unveiling a new design in the coming days/week, and we’re excited about it. It’s easy to subscribe to the site for updates, and we’ll be sharing lots of information over the coming months for new products & events!

We’ll still post some on Facebook, but it’s not justifiable for us to boost every post so more than 13 of you get to see it!


Simply Fido. Simply adorable.

These toys are made from Organic ingredients, include a squeaker and have a look of sophistication to them. Definitely not seen with most times. Plus, we’ve sold several for kids as well! 🙂 Stop in to see the full line of Simply Fido toys we have available.



New Sympathy Cards

For when the moment arises, and words are tough to come by. We’ve brought in 9 varieties of sympathy cards from dog speak.

They also have a great booklet for kids to help them understand what happens after life.


If you buy more than 2, the price drops!

Shade Canopy for dogs!

It’s hot at the beach! But you can now bring your pup with the Alcott Shade Canopy!



Cat Not Using The Litter Box?

We get this issue a lot. Found this article today on a few tips as to why it might be happening. It’s a wonderful article from Dr. Karen Becker on why a cat might not be using his litter box. Also, some tips on finding the urine & how to clean the surfaces it may be on!


We’ve also had A LOT of great success with the FeliWay Spray’s. Plus, they’re guaranteed!