Closing today at 5:30pm for Seminar

Just a heads up, we’re closing today at 5:30pm for the Pet Nutrition Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce. For more info, facebook event information225k

Heartland & Bison is BACK!

We got a shipment in today of Nutrisource Heartland (Bison & Chicken) and Pure Vita Bison. First come, first serve, no holds.

We got a maximum of 6 of each size (all we’re allowed) and we’re not sure when the next delivery will be. There is a limit of 2 per person on small and medium bags, and 1 per person on large bags.

Pure Vita Grain Free Bison

Pure Vita Grain Free Bison


Goat Milk Fast – The Magical Results

We wanted to share some photos from George’s foster Mom on his progress through the 30 day Goat’s Milk Fast. Here is a quote from her:

“George stayed at the shelter for 4 days until I took him into foster. We started George on Answers Goats Milk immediately and he stayed on the strict diet with only frozen cubes of goats milk for treats for 30 days. He was fed three times a day and bathed every other day. Within a week George had started growing hair back and after 30 days he had 90%of his hair back! We started introducing him to puppy food and he continued to heal. I have dealt with demodex mange on multiple occasions but never have I seen a dog recover so quickly. I am a firm believer in Answers Goats Milk now and George is proof it is a miracle worker.”

Be sure to check out all the photos, of the before & after progress 🙂

g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7

November $7 Nail Trim

November $7 Nail Trims
Saturday, November 14th : 10am – 1pm
Friday, November 20th : 4pm – 5pm

We’ll also be having a raw bar sampler party on the 14th from 10am – 11am. Try a wide selection of our raw foods, for free! The perfect time to see if your dog loves it!
See ya then!

Sojos Tasting Party

We’re having a Sojos Demo party on December 5th from 10am – 2pm. Samantha from Sojos will be on hand to make samples, show the differences in products, take questions and answer any Sojos question you have.

We’ll be having a special for THAT day only to go along with the tasting part!

They’ll have 6 flavors to choose from,

Sojos Sampling Party : December 5th, 2015 Join us from 10am - 2pm

Sojos Sampling Party : December 5th, 2015
Join us from 10am – 2pm

And, if you participate in the Tasting Party, you’ll get a free bag of Sojos treats! 🙂

#purrrfectbark #sojosdogfood

Reminder: Fall Fest is coming up

7 days until our Fall Fest, to kick off cooler nights, sweatshirts & fall cookies!

We’ll have a $7 nail trim from 10am – 2pm
We’ll have some reps on hand with samples & information

Party goes until about 2pm!

Join us for Fall Fest on September 19th. Party starts at 10am!

Join us for Fall Fest on September 19th. Party starts at 10am!

Temporary October Hours

Please note the hours for the beginning of October. We’ll be getting married on October 3rd, and we’ll return from the Honeymoon on the 15th. It’s back to normal hours on Oct 15th.

Our Temporary Hours

Our Temporary Hours

All Day Post-a-thon for new product!

head over to our Facebook page today! At the top of every hour until 11pm, we’ll post new items (within the last few weeks) you may have missed before.